Introducing the Aircraft Extended Towing in "green taxiing"

- Aircraft Extended Towing Procedure -

Ecotug consulting aims to support sustainable practices for Aviation

Rethinking aircraft taxiing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Taxiing is the phase of an airplane's movement during which the non-optimal performance of the engines makes their use irrelevant. By these time where the use of air transport lays its own responsibility in the process of global warming (2.5% of global CO2 emissions) all of its players are actively turning to new, more sustainable practices. Green taxiing is one of them. Ecotug supports and promotes the development of Extended Aircraft Towing

We support aviation actors concerned by the GHG reduction by proposing them a fully relevant solution
We prepare a necessary Proof of Concept. That includes active stakeholders research and organization
We develop tailor made solutions to spread the AETP concept wherever it can apply once the feasibility will have been demonstrated
We connect a sustainable opportunity to investors looking for ESG strategy compliant activities

Keeping engines off may have numerous advantages

3 of them could make a real difference
compared with a conventional aircraft taxiing

Advantage 1 Advantage 2 Advantage 3
Tons of jet A1 are unnecessary burned worldwide every day, just for hours of taxiing. This represents a consequent cost for airlines whereas ground aircrafts movements could be assured by a more sustainable mean All aviation actors are nowadays concerned with GHG reduction. The use of an inovative practice, the AETP, can reduce these emissions significantly AETP is a simple way to save engine potential keeping it for a more relevant use.
The "Green Taxiing" that tows you to a sustainable future

Ecotug trusts in the new CHARGER 380 made by TREPEL AIRPORT EQUIPMENT

The fastest and latest tug in conception and inovative technologies

You are an operator concerned with greenhouse gas reduction: Airport, Airline, handling company... looking for an efficient lever to reach your environmental goals? Ecotug offers you to elaborate at your side the extended tugging solution that will improve the sustainability of your taxiing operations
Are you ready for green taxiing?

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